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AKT (Sawako & Panagiotis)


Sawako and Panagiotis at AKT  

Currently they are working as computational design researchers in Adams Kara Taylor based in London.  They have worked on projects by well known architectural practices in the United Kingdom including Zaha Hadid Architects, Future Systems, and Foreign Office Architects in the development of architectural design involving complicated geometries.  Our research aims in developing design solutions that respect criteria of structural efficiency and architectural intentions by interrogating the intrinsic properties of forms and their embedding space. 

Panagiotis Michalatos

Studied Architecture at NTUA Athens Greece and graduated in 2001. He then went to Sweden to study at the art and technology course in Gothenburg a program jointly organized by Chalmers and IT-Universitet. His studies focused on the development of real time motion analysis software for interactive projections in public spaces, and development of a multi user real time architectural design software based on parametric objects that allows multiple people to work on the same model synchronically by employing a server client model.

Panagiotis worked as a programmer in the fields of interaction design and architecture and developed experimental computer games. He collaborated with choreographer Cristina Caprioli [CCAP] in Stockholm, developing software for her performances that generates patterns that react to or reinterpret the dancers’ movements.

Sawako Kaijima

In 2005, she graduated with a Master of Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology after having previously studied in Keio University, Japan, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Information majoring in Media Design.

Her studies in MIT focused on developing design methodologies that aims to syntheses the multi-relational aspect of the design by means of digital computation.  Specifically, she developed projects and design solution that are highly integrated with environmental information, which were presented at various schools including MIT, University of Pennsylvania, Architectural Association, and University of East London.

Sawako has worked in a variety of fields including architecture, engineering, product design, and advertisement industries.

Design in a non homogeneous and anisotropic space  / Interrogating the stress tensor field







software screenshots


field interrogation



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