explicit and scripted processes within design




4-pli experiments with architecture’s ability to provide tactile feedback to occupants through constant negotiations between material and form.  Operating as a fabrication and prototyping laboratory, 4-pli investigates new spatial and tactile possibilities through material processes.


4-pli works in conjunction with its sister company, Associated Fabrication LLC. Together this design-fabrication co-operative has completed over 40 projects in two years.  The relatively small scale of the projects and their fast turnaround allows 4-pli to gain direct material feedback quickly, and to then immediately implement the learning.

This immersion in material process and resistance re-forms the architects of 4-pli.  We see architecture as a fluid, moving act of creation rather than as a finished product.  Practical and tactile issues such as lamination pressure, chip removal, viscosity, and other terms of production operate at all stages of the design process.

By rearranging the typical point-A to point-B design-to-production progression of projects, 4-pli designs in a design><production feedback loop that allows information to flow freely from one design to the next, thereby informing all stages of making. 

4-pli utilizes this close relationship to material processes to enhance space by manipulating it at is most fundamentally small scale.  Connections between material, tooling patterns, assembly sequence are all refined and manipulated to articulate and ornament the spaces of 4-pli’s projects.

exhibit.jpg istudy_joint_small.jpgtriangles.jpg parametric joint system” / graham foundation proposal collaborative research between 4-pli & softlab4pli_brainpop.jpgBrainpopAssociated Fabrication LLC 72 North 15th Street
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