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biot(h)ing is a research-design laboratory whose structure derives from particular linkages between various disciplinary and technological nodes, promoting intra-specific creative relationships which in turn serve as a transformative tissue for the design process itself. An algorithmic articulation of the relation between the corporeal and incorporeal i s biot(h)ing’s attempt to engage with complexity. Away from individuations as subject or form, design is understood as genetic inscription. Parallel reality of the invisible code is a common ground for multiple actualizations. What is encoded is not the form of organization, but the process of autopoesis through intricate entanglements of discreet agents. Computational patterns are understood as deep in its potential to produce expressions on various scales. Biot(h)ing’s projects range from the scale of fashion accessories and product design to large scale structural and urban fields.


biothing_cocoon.jpg Seroussi pavillon
biot(h)ing has published work in a number of journals including the AD issues on Digital Tectonics edited by David Turnbull, Designing for a Digital World edited by Neil Leach, a forthcoming AD issue on Network Practice and MIT publication on Non-Standard Praxis. Additional publications include an issue of 306090 by Princeton Architectural Press. Recent and forthcoming exhibitions of biot(h)ing’s work include the 2003 Prague Biennale, the 2004 Sydney Biennial, Architectural Biennial Beijing, MOMA PS1 and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Trento (MART).


Seroussi pavillon – roof plan


Seroussi pavillon

alisa andrasek is an experimental p ractitioner of architecture and computational processes in design. In 2001 she
founded biot(h)ing, a t rans-disciplinary laboratory which research focuses on generative potential of p hysical and artificial computational systems for design. Andrasek graduated from the School o f Architecture, University o f Zagreb and holds a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University. She has taught architecture studios and theory seminars at Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Pratt Institute. She’s lectured at a v ariety of prominent schools of architecture including Columbia, MIT, Penn, NYU, SIAL RMIT, Yale and the University of Bath.


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