explicit and scripted processes within design


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minus Architecture studio is a collaborative network of designers, coders and fabricators who seek to maximize a distributed knowledge and skill base to engage in projects at various scales.  These projects are generally concerned with exploration of parametrically derived processes aimed at capturing highly specific data or forces and translating them into differentiated constructs.


“Catch and Release” Part 01 |2007| Scripted by Purpose Exhibit: A taxonomy of serially differentiated proposals for a sun capturing device.  Angles specific to location and time of day are used to generate varied geometries to be evaluated for a small entry pavilion.
|Jason Johnson, Sam Alcorn (scripts), Josh Vermillion (Fabrication)|
Sponsored by the Institute for Digital Fabrication at Ball State University.




“Catch and Release” Part 02 |2007|  Entry Pavilion for the Aesthesia exhibit at Southern Illinois University.  Solar capture louvers transmit energy to LED impregnated louvers which distribute the energy as light 12 hours later, resulting in a pulsing set of surfaces that catalogue the day’s solar gain.
|Jason Johnson, Will Marquez, Dustin Headley, Sam Alcorn, Josh Vermillion|  Sponsored by the Institute for Digital Fabrication at Ball State University.




“Pull Roof” |2007|: Ice damaged roof replaced with a roof that simply takes a point at the top of the central support wall and pulls the traditional “A” frame first to a flat surface and towards a “V”.
|Jason Johnson|

“(Re)purposed House” |2006|: 3 concrete walls are frame to support structure composed mainly of salvaged materials from Hurricane Katrina.  Spreadsheet of a catalogue of found materials is used to generate components, that are distributed to create the structural frame and exterior surfaces thru the use of a mayaScript.
|Jason Johnson, Ryan Kukuraitis, Jason Villarreal|

Jason Johnson is on the faculty at Ball State University and has completed projects in the USA, Europe and South America. He is the founding partner of minus Architecture studios.

Sam Alcorn is a graduate student at BSU and fellow with the Institute for Digital Fabrication (IDF).

Josh Vermillion is the Assistant Director of IDF and a faculty member at Ball State University.

Will Marquez is a partner in A2sX, the research and development branch of A2sO4 in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Dustin Headley is a fellow with the IDF and a student at Ball State University.

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