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301 Design Collaborative | colab

Cory Brugger founded the 301 Design Collaborative | colab with Roland Hudson in 2006. Colab is an emerging research and design studio based in Philadelphia and Bristol, UK. The studio aims to explore the use of parametric modeling and building simulation through architectural design and fabrication. Their work integrates the study of geometric, material, and algorithmic processes. Recent collaborations include SOM-New York, HOK Sport London, Ball-Nogues Studio, Ian Simpson Architects, newtecnic, and Point B Design. Cory received a professional degree in architecture from Philadelphia University and he is currently pursuing graduate research at the Product Architecture Lab. Roly holds BSc and Master Degrees in Architecture from the University of Bath, where he is currently conducting his Phd research.



exhibit contributors:

Erik Verboon received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Cincinnati in 2003.  Following graduation he worked in Cincinnati for two years as a project designer for Michael McInturf Architects. He went on to receive a Master of Engineering degree in Product-Architecture and Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2007 during which time he collaborated and performed research for SHoP Architects, Skidmore Owings and Merrill, Buro Happold Engineers, and Ball-Nogues Studio. Following completion of his Masters, he joined the New York office of Buro Happold Engineers as a Technical Designer where he continues his study and application of performance driven design.

Mark Pollock received his Bachelors of Architecture from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2003 and went on to attend Stevens Institute where he received his Masters of Engineering in 2007.  While completing his Masters he collaborated with a number of firms consulting on parametric design for fabrication, environmental modeling, and scripting for automation.  His collaborations include SHoP Architects, Buro Happold Engineers, and Ball-Nogues Studio.  He now works full-time for SHoP in New York City as a Design Technology Analyst continuing his focus on fabrication and scripting for design & automation.

Alexandra Pollock received her Bachelors of Architecture from the New Jersey
Institute of Technology in 2003, and went on to the Product Architecture and
Engineering program at Stevens Institute of Technology where she received a
Masters of Engineering in 2006. During her studies, Alex focused on the
application of structural analysis and optimization in design. She has
taught courses at Stevens Institute of Technology, and her professional
experiences include Gehry Technologies, and SOM-NY where she continues to
implement scripting, parametric methodologies, and fabrication analysis in
the design process.

Will Corcoran, is an architect living and practicing in Chicago.  He has an M.Arch from the University of Illinois-Chicago and recently obtained his Master’s of Engineering from the Product-Architecture Lab at Stevens Institute of Technology. While in New York he was involved in collaborations with SHoP Architects, Buro Happold Engineers, Marble Fairbanks Architects, and SOM-NY.  Will is currently working at SOM-Chicago where he is a founding member of a new research and development group called [Black Box] Design Lab.

Jonatan Schumacher received a BSc in Product Design and Engineering with a concentration in mechatronics and parametric modeling from Middlesex University in London, UK. His current field of study is Architectural Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken. Jonatan has collaborated with Marble-Fairbanks and Milder Office on projects that are currently under construction. He is now working with Buro Happold Engineers in Los Angeles, where his research focuses on optimization of active and responsive façade structures.

After receiving a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, Oleg Byashirov realized that artistic considerations were missing from his professional experiences. He is currently studying at the Product Architecture Lab where his work is focused on balancing technical engineering knowledge and artistic vision in the design process. Oleg is working as a technical designer at the New York City office of Buro Happold Engineers.



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