explicit and scripted processes within design



isosurface” / A search space of noise fields, visualized through iso-surfacing with different thresholds. Processing application written by proxy.

Mark Collins and Toru Hasegawa are Proxy, a multi-platform design firm that explores architecture as an abstract informational system, interfacing through tools and imagery with many others – including the worlds of science, computation, and medicine. Proxy specializes in the integration of fabrication methodologies with software processes in order to open a new territory of work for architects. Proxy works on a diverse array of projects, ranging between custom software, product design and complex building structures.


topological house” / Entry for Plan-less house competition. The topological house comes through a research in basic topological relationships and nested labyrinth structures.

flatpanelizer.jpgflat panelizer


If two planes are not in the same plane, they will have an intersection line. The intersection lines that create an internal boundary within that plane compose the panel.”

Proxy has been exhibited as part of group shows in the US, Europe and Asia, most recently taking part in the 2006 Beijing Architecture Biennial, Build Boston 2006 BSA Exhibit, and Make Magazine’s Maker Faire 07, and “Imagined Spaces: Emerging NYC Architects” in Madrid, Spain. Recent project’s include an algorithmically perforated metal ceiling for the CU School of Journalism and continuing research on the Trusset, a CNC fabricated structural system.


journalism wall” / A collaboration with Marble Fairbanks Architects. Proxy designed and prepared drawings for the perforated ceiling structure, using acoustic data to dynamically drive a variable perforation pattern.

recycle bin” / Entry for MUJI Award 01. Proxy designed a paper recycle-bin that can be recycled with its contents. Folding down to a small square, the bin is patterned to create a unique view of your recycling.

Mark and Toru continue to investigate complex systems and new technology in architectural production as adjunct professors at the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture and the ITP program in New York University’s Tisch Arts school.


acadia footbridge” / An installation proposal for the ACADIA conference. The structure was generated from a surface instantiated with an offset grid.

proxy works at:
237 West 100 St. #1R
New York, NY 10025

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