explicit and scripted processes within design






southern ridges“, Singapore, 2004- 2007(to be delivered) 

George L. Legendre (b. Paris, 1968) graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1994 and served as Assistant Professor or architecture at the GSD from 1995 to 2000.  Prior to founding IJP Corporation, his London-based office, he was visiting Professor at the ETH Zurich (2001) and Princeton University (2003-05). .A onetime applied researcher, he has written graphics software and filed for a technology patent with Harvard university, where he also served as head of Visual Structures at the Center of Design Informatics (1997).A regularly published essayist, he is the author of IJP:The Book of Surfaces, as well as Bodyline: the End of our Meta-Mechanical Body, and a Critical essay in Mathematical Form: John Pickering and the Architecture of the Inversion Principle (AA Publications, 2003-06). 

IJP Corporation explores the integration of space, mathematics and computation and its work is eclectic. The office’s expertise combines architectural design, analytic mathematics and computation. IJP is presently building a 1000-foot-long bridge in Singapore (and doing competitions worldwide).



2007_04272007_04_270016.jpg  seroussi pavillon“, 2007


“reverse picture of the self (rps)”, London-Prague, 2003


3 futura house 169 grange road london SE1 3BN uk

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